Giving catnip to your cats is an easy way to help keep them entertained and to keep you entertained as well. But have you ever wondered if the catnip you are giving to your cats is actually a potential health hazard or not? Well first, we must figure out what catnip is.

Catnip is a herb that comes from the mint family and is often times referred to as catmint. It is fairly easy to grow and common in the wild. The plant’s leaves can be eaten by most cats without any side effects and the smell of the plant is what affects most cats.

From what scientists have found, catnip does not have any negative effects on cats. Most people believe that catnip gives your cat a legal high, but in reality, it is just something that makes them extremely happy. Similar to a little kid who really likes ice cream. It provides them smiles for a few minutes and then it is back to life as normal. Just like ice cream does not do anything negative to your child’s health, catnip does not do anything negative to your cat’s health either.

The catnip will make them run around for a little bit, roll around, and just act crazy which is a great way to get your cat some exercise and keep them in good shape. In addition, it is a great way to stimulate your cat’s brain and an easy way to make them happy!

However, not all cats like catnip. Only about 50% to 70% of cats will be affected. This is all determined by genetics and there is nothing you can do to affect it. This means that you could have one cat in your house that absolutely loves the catnip.

One other use that catnip is good for is training your cat. If you have a new scratching post or something you would like your cat to play with or use instead of what they are currently using, you can spray catnip on it and this is a pretty effective way of helping to train your cat.

So catnip turns out to be something that is not bad for your cat at all, but rather something that can be very positive and can help to give your cat a few minutes of pleasure throughout the day. Go give your cat some catnip now and see how they like it!

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