Litter box training kittens isn’t that difficult in most cases. However, there are times when you’ll find a kitten resistant to training, or perhaps adopt an older cat that wasn’t properly trained, to begin with. Here are three easy steps you can follow to ensure success when you start litter training.

1. Choose the best box in the first place

You will want to ensure the box is small enough for the kitten to climb into but big enough to contain the litter when she’s using the box and is scratching the litter. So with this step, make sure the box is the appropriate size because this aids in cutting down on litter sprayed all over the floor surrounding the box. Choosing a box that is too large could mean that your kitten will refuse to use the box because she has trouble getting in and out of it. So don’t ignore this crucial step!

2. Choose the right location

Of nearly the same importance as choosing the right size cat litter box while you’re working on training will pick the best spot it. This is an easy thing to overlook but can help to train your kitten quicker.

You want to choose a spot that is not too high traffic, yet at the same time, make sure that your cat has easy access to it. Never place the box in a closed room where your kitten can’t reach it. Also, try to keep it far from the place where she eats.

3. Make sure you encourage your kitten to use her new box!

Finally, when starting kitty litter box training, you need to make sure and take her to her pan several times a day. This should include after meal times and play time, first thing in the morning and before bed time. To do so will help you with teaching your kitten the right place “to go.”

When your kitten uses her box, praise her. If she has an accident, punishment won’t work; you only need to pick her up and show her the right place until she gets it.

Following these three basic steps will help to make litter box training your new kitten easier. Each of these points is important, and overlooking even one of them, can make your training more difficult. Once your kitten has learned to use her box, remember to keep it clean and try not to move the box to avoid problems down the line.

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