Why We Love Large Dog Breeds

There is something great about the lovable giants of the canine world. The large dog breeds of the animal kingdom could be the kings of the pet world, but all they want to do is cuddle up to you and get as much love as they can. You’ve got to respect the amount of love a dog bigger than most children can show, and often do.

Getting a big dog is a lot of fun, because you know that you’re getting the kind of pet every pet lover wishes they could have. Everyone knows the massive size of the Saint Bernard, and about how much love there is to go with it. They’ll indulge in a baby’s crying, a child’s desire to ride the big doggy, and all kinds of minor inconveniences that would just have you throwing in the towel. Instead they let it all happen, because what makes you happy makes them happy.

Large dog breeds like the Great Dane used to be used for hunting. They were noble beasts that would follow trained commands without hesitation, and now that there isn’t a need for that kind of sport anymore, you’ll find him curled up to your side with all the love that he has in that adorably massive face.

With just those two examples you start thinking about how great those big dogs are. They’re companions that’ll walk with you wherever you go, will love you for as long as you have them, and can’t be convinced that the sun doesn’t rise and set with you. If you ever think about getting a pet, and you’ve got the right space for one, you should really think about how much a large dog can bring your home to life. There is something great about the amount of love a dog has, and if you want that kind of devotion then a big dog is the right kind to get.

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