Owning a ferret can be great fun. But before you can enjoy some time with your new pet, it is important you know what it takes to care for your little fun loving furball. Ferret care can be very easy, its just you need to know what’s best, most of which is common sense and if you have owned other pets then you are off to a good start. This top 10 guide will walk you through the things you must know about your ferret’s care.

1.Pay Close Attention to What You Feed Your Little Critter. Ferrets are carnivorous animals and will therefore generally eat meat and meat byproducts.

2. Leave a Constant Supply of Water Ferrets to drink a lot of water in a day. Therefore, you need to ensure that they have regular access to clean water.

3.Opt for Plastic Flooring in Your Ferret’s Cage Having a plastic floor in your ferret’s cage will not only benefit your pet, but it will also help you out in the long run.

4.Give Your Ferret Enough Playtime These little fun loving furballs are playful animals and therefore you must give them at least 2 hours of playtime outside of their cage daily. Not only will these sessions keep your ferret happy, but they will also act as the exercise which keeps them in tip-top shape.

5.Has Your Pet Sprayed or Neutered Not only will this help reduce any pet odor, but it might also contribute to saving its life? The latter point is truer for female ferrets, which if not bred in heat, can sometimes die of anemia.

6.Keep a Close Eye on Weather Conditions It is imperative that you protect your ferret from heat and sunlight. Anything over 80 degrees Fahrenheit can be lethal for your pet so is careful each time the weather gets hot.

7.Give Them Toys – The More The Merrier Giving toys to your ferret will stimulate and enhance its play time. Just make sure that the toys do not contain any item that can be swallowed, for instance a button.

8. Visit a Veterinarian Vaccinations for your pet are an integral part of care and ownership. Therefore, make it a point to go to a vet who will not only vaccinate your pet but will also tell you about various preventive measures for common diseases and viruses ferrets are prone to.

9.Treats can be a great idea when training your pet. They allow for positive reinforcement which will greatly enhance the training sessions.

10.Love Your Pet As you probably guessed by now these animals are extremely social creatures, and therefore the love you shower on your pet will go a long, long way to keeping them happy. It is imperative that you spend time with your ferret on a daily basis.

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