Scratching is a natural feline behavior – the cat’s family scratch to mark territory and to stretch themselves. Also, scratching brings great pleasure to them. You can’t stop your pet from scratching, so you need to train them to use another item to scratch on.The owners should provide their cats with this kind of products. It is recommended that the post is upright and resembles the shape of a tree. The scratching posts should be high enough to allow the cat to stretch its body completely.

You can make a scratching post for yourself, or you can purchase one, but in both cases, you should make sure the post is secured and will not fall over. If the scratching post falls over, the cat may get scared and never use it again.Vets and specialists recommend that the scratch post should be covered with sisal. Sisal is perfect for shredding; it is rough, and they love to scratch on it.

The location is also crucial. You should place in a common area of your home with high traffic rather than hide it somewhere. As mentioned before, scratching is a means of marking territory and cats would commemorate the territory where humans stay and spend time. After your cat is trained to use the scratch posts, you can move it to a more hidden area of your come.

You probably think that the way to go is to have your cat declawed. It is, after all, an option. You own your pet and can have that done without harming itself physically. The emotional part is quite different, though. The cat will feel the urge to scratch. Having lost its claws will make trying very frustrating. What you can do instead is to trim its claws regularly.

Declawing your cat will mean that you cannot let your pet join any competition. Show cats are checked for overall health and beauty. Judges will be looking at well-trimmed and not declawed paws. If your cat, however, is not gearing toward celebrity status, you may choose to have it declawed. Of course, you know that discipline is better over such a deceptively convenient solution.

The role of the scratching post & cat furniture.The scratching post & cat furniture set provides a means for discipline and practice. At least, your pet gets some exercise without causing any damage. The pet can also be trained to do its scratching in its territory. Just Make sure that your cat marks its furniture and scratching post and not your stuff.

Claws out.The cat scratching post & cat furniture will also maintain your cat’s claws, qualifying it to enter pet competitions, which prohibit declawing on pets. Judges take a look at cats at their most natural form, though the claws should be trimmed for safety.

Saving your furniture and your Kids.While it is important for a cat to practice its claws from time to time, it has to learn some discipline. If your cat is not disciplined, it can endanger not only your furniture but also young children in your home. If a cat is allowed to run completely wild, it will not develop a sense of right from wrong. It should be able to do so. The reason it is called a pet is that it is supposed to be domesticated.Do not think of a scratching post & cat furniture combo as a luxury but rather as an investment. You are investing in the good health of your cat, the good condition of your home, and the safety of your family.

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